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By Dr Gillespie
January 14, 2014
Category: ENT news
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Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman is the first legally deaf player to be part of an NFL offense. He has battled a hearing loss since age 3.  Through the use of hearing aids and lip reading, he joined the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted second-year player. Coleman backs up starter Michael Robinson for the NFC's top seed and favorite to get to the Super Bowl.  In a recent article published in Sporting News NFL, Coleman described the challenges he faced growing up.  “Every challenge I had, overcoming, it didn't come quick. The biggest thing is just how persistent my mom and family were in not making me using my hearing aids as an excuse, telling me to work extra hard at everything I do as a person, no matter if needed the hearing aids or not. Every kid faces some challenge growing up. I just had to prove to other people I was just like them, but I knew that right from the start, I was just as good as everybody else.”